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  • – Culture Assessment and Change Management
  • – Conflict Resolutions
  • – Talent Assessment, Selection, and Management
  • -UX/UI Research
  • – Leadership, Management, and Staff Coaching
  • – Organizational Development
  • – Onboarding & Integration
  • – Compensation Analysis
  • – Research Scientist
  • – 360 Feedback Survey
  • – Diversity Trainings
  • – Workplace Engagements
  • – Interview Analysis

– Systems and Historical Data Research


  • – Hogan Personal Assessments
  • – Neo Personality Inventory-3 (NEO-3)
  • – Fundamental Personality Relationships Orientation (FIRO)
  • – Functional Job Analysis (FJA)
  • – Organizational Culture Assessment Inventory (OCAI) 
  • – Talent Inventory
  • – Strong Interest Inventory 
  • – Emotional Judgment Inventory
  • – DiSC Assessment 
  • – Calipher Profile

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Research Centre
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Publications & Other Research Studies

Client Remarks

“Can do and will do!” This is the most simplistic yet renowned descriptor of Dr. M. Charlotte Oliver. Her accomplishments speak and stand on their own merit. She is professionally supportive morally and ethically, yet distinctively innovative in her uniquely caring approach. Her unwavering tenacity to help, heal, and foster an environment of genuine care is second to none! As our camaraderie has deepened, her unique business acumen has bloomed and flourished! Her passionate care can only be rivaled by her dedication to honor, support, and genuine kindness. Her life---family, professional, and academic, seamlessly converge into a beautiful harmony of determination care. The ideal advocate!
T. Brown
Community Programs Director
(Requested Photo Not Shown)
I have known Dr. M. Charlotte Oliver for seven years. I was drawn to her calm immediately. A passing acquaintance turned into a special friendship. Dr. Charlotte is smart, very soft but well spoken. She is determined and hard (physically and mentally) working. Along with the above attributes, she is thoughtful, and sincere. Putting all these characteristics together make for a very good friend and a very fine woman to know.
T. Taylor
Business Owner & Artist
(Requested Photo Not Shown)
When I started my landscaping business, Dr. M. Charlotte Oliver assisted me with all aspects of development. From setting up my EIN to registering my business with the State of Colorado. She designed my logo and set up my website. In addition, she also assisted me in messaging for marketing initiatives. Not only is she adept in organizational development for startups, but she is also likewise brilliant when working with larger organizations. I highly recommend her services.
C. Armenta
Landscape Designer