M. Charlotte Oliver, PhD

Through my core organization, the Institute of Altruistic Work Psychology, registered in the State of Colorado, my work is primarily dedicated to the building and strengthening of your business or nonprofit. For everyday complications and challenges, I also counsel women  to help discern God’s beautiful role in life’s journeys. In addition, as my dissertation research shares, psychological resilience building and the understanding of positive adaptation in individuals, communities, corporate environments, and non-profits, are dedicated initiatives. 

I am also the founder of a missions’ ministry, which supports youths and adults. Likewise, support goes to ministry partners with organizations that offer jobs in trades such as textile and pottery manufacturing in support of underserved communities in Central and South America.

Besides my daily spiritual readings and accompanied discernments, my simple-graceful living™, is the path I take each day to better prepare me, to serve you, in my work-disciplines noted on the link above. 

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