My competencies in Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychology are general to all master’s degree graduate students. Likewise, with an earned PhD in psychology, with concentrations in general psychology and community counseling, I am skilled in conducting qualitative, quantitative, and mix-method research studies, with an active Institutional Review Board (IRB).

-Creation of selection tests.
Validation of selection tests.
-Development of selection procedures.
-Conduct salary survey.
-Job analysis for reclassification of positions.
-Evaluation of managerial selection.
-Reference checking.

-Conduct compensation study.
-Job analysis for new compensation plan.
-Analyze compensation data.

-Development of training materials.
-Evaluation of training programs.
-Conduct survey for training needs assessment.
-Conduct training for career development resources.
-Development of rater training.
-Conduct training.

Performance Management
-Evaluation of productivity program.
-Analysis of employee turnover.
-Implementation and evaluation of quality circles project.
-Development and implementation of 360-degree feedback.
-Construction and administration of employee opinion survey.
-Review of performance evaluation policy.
-Analysis of employee surveys.
-Analysis of organizational climate/culture survey.
-Conduct team development project.
-Participation in organization change project.
-Development of performance appraisal.
-Design of employee orientation programs.
-Compilation of employee policies manual.
-Organization Development.
Team building.
-Total Quality Management Programs.

Employee Assistance Programs
-Research on proposed health benefits program.
-Policy development for an employee assistance program.
-Develop instrument for assessing climate/culture.
-Design of stress assessment survey. 

-Participation in collective bargaining activities.
-Work/Life issues.
-Create emergency child-care program.
-Propose flextime scheduling.
-Compile resources and referrals for employees.
-Development of family leave policies.